Keith on stage  

Keith R. Clemons, giving voice to the written word.

Speaker's Profile

Keith Clemons is an authorized speaker with Stonecroft ministries, a worldwide non-denominational organization commissioned to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, Keith frequently speaks at churches, men's, women's, couple's and senior's groups, book clubs, writing workshops, and library conferences. A popular guest, he has appeared on radio and television more than 60 times.

Subjects Keith is adept at speaking on include:

1.) Keith's personal testimony: A transparent look at how God took a drug culture hippy and turned him into a scribe for His kingdom. In this frank presentation you'll get to know the author as a person and see the difference God can make when a soul freely submits to His will.


2.) Coming trends that have impact on the Church and society at large: The deadly impact of Euthanasia; Hollywood's influence on our children; The blight of child trafficking; Our loss of religious freedom; The rise and spread of Islam; & The foolishness of evolution.

3.) What led Keith to write, and the inspiration behind each of his books. In this presentation Keith discusses the influence his Christian worldview has on his writing, and how it pertains to the characters and plot of each story.