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"Clemons handles the story with brilliance, his characters with clarity and the subject matter with care.
This is not just a page turner, but a page turner that has depth.

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Book Cover Endorsements

“Blending the suspense and romantic tension of Dekker’s Blink, Mohamed’s Moon is a book for all who love atmospheric storytelling and thought-provoking themes.”
           Eric Wilson- New York Times best-selling author of Fireproof and Field of Blood

“Marvelous! Clemons has a gift for creating characters you'll come to call friends, twists that keep you gulping and guessing, and insights that will have you talking and thinking. I was turning pages so fast I have a paper cut to prove it.”
           Phil Callaway - Speaker and author of Laughing Matters

“A stirring story of culture clash, love, and sacrifice, Mohamed's Moon is a sensitive and beautifully written tale about the Truth. From the harsh sands of Egypt to the busy streets of California, from the bondage of Islam to the freedom of Christianity, this story rings true in every way possible. Keith Clemons has got himself a winner here…and has established himself as an author to keep your eye on!”
           Mike Dellosso - Author of The Hunted and Scream

“Rarely do I read a book with such riveting action, great character development, and powerful insights. Clemons has given us a realistic glimpse into a culture that’s alien to most Americans while confirming our Christian beliefs. A wonderful read packed with intrigues and suspense. I recommend it for everyone!”
           Larry Carpenter - President, Standard Publishing

“Keith Clemons has done it again with an exciting tale of love, sacrifice and redemption. A wonderful read, Mohamed’s Moon is sure to expand Clemons’ growing fan base.”
           Larry J Leech II – President of Word Weavers.

“Clemons ties lavish description; complex characters; and an intriguing plot; together with an eye-opening, yet compassionate, message about the differences between Christianity and Islam. Ultimately, Mohamed’s Moon asks the age-old question: can love defeat
hatred, or will the world continue to be plunged into devastating wars?”
           N. J. Lindquist - founder of The Word Guild

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“I have to admit, I was really not expecting to like this book…Boy, am I glad I gave Mohamed's Moon a chance! This book was just impossible to put down! It had such a fast pace that literally left me on the edge of my seat. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, wham! I'm thrown for a loop, and have to set myself right...over and over again. I can say without a doubt that I'm very impressed with Keith Clemons as an author. I certainly hope he's got a sequel in the works.”
           C. Janes

“What a good book! It is a total step apart from much of what I've been reading lately, but it is great. Identical twin brothers separated at birth, One raised in America as a “Christian and one raised in Egypt as a Muslim. A plot to assassinate the president, take over the presidential office, mass murder and a lovely young lady caught in the middle…bittersweet and beautiful. Excellent book.”
           Janna R. Ryan

“Mohamed’s Moon is gripping, stirring and powerful. It explores the very real turmoil many Muslims are experiencing today when it comes to converting to Christianity. This novel is riveting, entertaining and feeds the soul at the same time. I highly recommend it!”         
           Violet Nesdoly

“Begin with a tender romance story in an exotic country.  Add a convoluted suspense plot with an international threat.  A dash of strange circumstance and a hefty dose of detailed characterization and setting and you will have Mohammed’s Moon by Keith Clemons.  As a suspense writer, I am well aware of the importance of a good plot and believable characters and, once again, I am thrilled with the mix Mr. Clemons has put together.”
           Glynis Belec

“Keith Clemons has created another master work of fiction in his novel “Mohamed's Moon.” Unabated suspense, fast moving action, a complex plot, awesome descriptions, and powerful character development combine to keep the reader spellbound. Keith delivers a thought provoking message in which culture, religion, and a lust for power challenge reason. He touches the heart and emotions with poignancy as his real life characters make choices that will impact the world today, and their eternal destiny. The message of redemption and forgiveness bear evidence of Clemons’ authenticity as a person and his gift as a communicator.”
           Richard Blake

Mohamed's Moon…has it all: action, adventure, political intrigue, romance and Biblical wisdom woven throughout. It is incredibly well-written and thought-provoking…This novel is brilliantly crafted not only to entertain, but also to show a glimpse of the depth of God's love for His children.”

Media Reviews

“A Christian novel that mixes the most compelling elements of The Kite Runner and Slumdog Millionaire, Mohamed’s Moon kept me up late turning pages…an exciting novel, rich with vivid details and insight...full of twists and turns that caused conflict for which the characters had no easy answers. The characters were real, and I found the push-pull relationship they had with each other and with their faiths relevant…a fresh story that teaches without preaching, which this reader appreciated. Well done Keith Clemons!”
           Lisa Hall–Wilson – reviewer for Maranatha News

Peer and Blog Reviews

“This is one of those books that deserves to be read again and again. Keith Clemons handles the story with brilliance, his characters with clarity and the subject matter with care. This is not just a page turner, but a page turner that has depth.”
            David Brollier – Christian Mystery Writers, Blog Review

“Mohamed's Moon is full of surprises and suspense – a book with a taut beginning, middle, and end that’s hard to put down. This is the first of Clemons’ five books that I’ve read, but I’d definitely read more. It’s not every day you find a writer who tackles (with literary finesse) a timely and controversial issue with such a riveting a story.”
           Laura Davis– Interviews and Reviews, Blog Review

“Mohamed's Moon is an excellent read and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, a little bit of romance, high adventure, a great plot twist and a not so predictable ending. I was riveted. Congratulations Keith Clemons.”
           Donna Dawson– Author of The Adam and Eve Project and Vengeance

“Be Prepared! You'll be swept from the sands of Egypt to the California coast, then through the lives of the desperately poor as they intertwine with those of the outrageously wealthy, and to those who know nothing but Islam, into the hearts of those who know the Christ as personal Savior. Great book. You'll want to read it!”
           Brenda Wood- Author-Speaker

“This is a book I could not put down. I enjoyed every minute. I have to read so much that if a novel does not grab me, I do not have the patience to force myself to read it…This was pure pleasure. I looked forward to reading it any chance I could snatch some extra time…in addition to writing a page-turner, Keith knows how to set a scene and put you there in a way that engages all your senses …a deeply insightful story about the differences between Christianity and Islam.”
           Deborah Gyapong– Author of The Defilers