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"Clever, brave, insightful and compelling.
This is one of those novels that demands to be read and demands to be discussed.

If I Should Die

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Best Contempory Fiction Award - The Word Guild
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“I found it so gripping I could not put it down.  It's well written.  It's an amazing book.  I hope he does a lot of books like this.  There's talent here.  You've got to pick up this book.”
          David Mainse – President, CrossRoads Television, TV Host, 100 Huntley Street

“A wonderful story about finding truth in the midst of conflict and tragedy.  A real must read.”
          Ron Hembree – President CornerStone Television, Host, Quick Study Bible Broadcast

“A fascinating, attention-grabbing novel that deals with tough real-life situation examining the aftereffects of euthanasia on countless lives.”
          Excerpt from a review in Catholic Insight

“It is refreshing to find a writer who aspires to a level of creative excellence.  I highly recommend this book to everyone who can read. To those who cannot read, find a friend to read it to you.”
          Paul A. Webb – Publisher & Chairman, Head to Head magazine

“Clever, brave, insightful and compelling.  This is one of those novels that demands to be read and demands to be discussed.”
          Michael Coren –Author & Television Host of Michael Coren Live

“Mr. Clemons has written a very moving novel, one in which you care about the characters and empathize with what they’re going through.”
          Virginia Boreland The Christian Herald

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“In a brilliantly crafted story, Keith Clemons ventures where few Christian authors dare, tackling issues surrounding euthanasia, abortion and sexual orientation. But he does so from a completely fresh perspective. Topnotch writing, this book is also far more. It speaks strongly and effectively to pertinent issues…Clemons will exercise your intellect, grip your imagination and your emotions and keep you turning pages late into the night. He will leave you mulling over issues for months to come. Never preachy, this book achieves that rare balance of masterful storytelling, gripping entertainment, and a message that engages your mind and calls you to think. Buy it!! Read it!! Pass it on!” 
          Brian Austin – freelance writer and author of Laughter & Tears